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Private Party Room

Host your next celebration in our private dining room

Your table is centered in front of our cozy fireplace which can accommodate up to 14 guests. For groups of less than 8 people a room fee will be incurred.  


For our Steinbock experience, cost is $120 per head. For our Fondue Fest (winter only) experience, cost is $90 per head. (These prices do not include beverages, tax and a 22% suggested gratuity)


We require a $500 non-refundable deposit which is credited to your bill on the evening of your event. (If for some reason your party should need to cancel, and we are able to rebook the space on the date of your event, we will refund the deposit to the original party)

Dates are available on a first come first serve basis.


Here is a description of what your Steinbock experience will entail:


Upon arrival your party may choose to begin with our sumptuous charcuterie boards - filled with regional cured meats, bratwurst bites, pickled vegetables, cornichons, local VT cheeses, our signature Bavarian pretzels, confitures and mustards - or our chef's selection of hors d'oeuvres. This course is followed by each guest's individual choice of Alpenglow Salad with a bright champagne vinaigrette, or Sweet Pea Suppe.


For the main course, each guest may choose their protein - Grilled Sirloin Steak with Haus Steak Sauce, Roasted Chicken with Brown Butter Mustard Jus, or Tyroleon Lake Trout with Tarragon Vinaigrette - which will be accompanied by our Pommes Rösti and Alpine Ratatouille.


After your delectable dinner, sit back and relax with chocolate covered strawberries and our complimentary coffee and tea service. We welcome you to experience this unique culinary journey with us in the comfort and privacy of our cozy dining room.



Fondue MenuNEW.jpg


 Here is a description of what your Fondue experience will entail:


To begin the festivities, your party will enjoy our signature Alpenglow Salad with a bright champagne vinaigrette, served family style. Alpenglow’s homemade fondue will be your main course. Our Executive Chef expertly blends Gruyere and Emmental cheese with flavors of Switzerland such as kirsch liqueur and white wine to create a silky pot of hot bubbling fondue that’s ready for dipping! Please enjoy our accompaniment of sides on your skewer which include cubes of crusty bread, pretzels, sirloin, ham, crisp apples, pears, roasted potatoes, pearl onions, bratwurst coins & cornichon pickles. YUM!


Punctuate your delicious meal with a chocolate covered strawberry followed by our complimentary coffee and tea service, featuring traditional peppermint tea. 

Your dedicated server will cater and educate your party about all the fun fondue traditions throughout the meal.

Keep an ear out for our chiming cuckoo clocks!



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